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International Dolphin Watch (IDW) was founded in 1978 as a non-profit organisation for the observation, conservation and study of dolphins.

We help Dolphins and People and are also known as Dolphin Friends.
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Our on-line Dolphin Shop has the full range of the acclaimed Dilo Books and other Dolphin books and DVDs

Dolphin Magazine
has news of current dolphin topics and conservation issues.

You can support us by sending a donation, helping with our sales or purchasing items from our shop or just spreading the word! See Dolphin Friends page

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What's New?
Latest Dolphin Magazine Dec 2015 now on line >>Direct Link (pdf file)
Horace Dobbs' book "Dolphin Healing" has been re-printed (see Dolphin Shop page). It is also available as an ebook (see Dolphin Shop page).

Horace Dobbs is working on his forthcoming book
Joyful Dolphin Learning
Dilo Books now in French and Spanish - see Shop page
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