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Dilo Books

Dilo and the
Call of the Deep
Makes Friends
Dilo and the
Treasure Hunters
Dilo and the
of Black Rock
in Lighthouse Bay
Dilo and the
Isle of the Gods
Dilo and the
Secret of Atlantis
Other Books

All these books (except the The Treasure Hunters) are now out of print
although you may locate new or used copies on on-line book sellars


If you would like a FREE copy of the Treasure Hunters please contact


The Magic of Dolphins
A wonderful introduction to the life of dolphins, their evolution and intelligence. Well illustrated with black & white and colour photographs.

Dilo's Fun and Activities Book
High quality fun and activity book. Keep children of all ages occupied. Do the dolphin word search, battle through the anatomy anagrams or simply join the dots and colour in the pictures.

Dolphin Healing
The extraordinary power and magic of dolphins to heal and transform our lives The book describes the history of man's interaction with dolphins and the positive benefits of this relationship. The science of dolphin healing and the healing power of sound is also explained clearly.

Fascinating Facts
About Dolphins

About DOLPHINS and their world plus Quiz Questions